Getting Started Guide

This guide walks you through your first time using the product, answering all questions along the way.
Creating your first ever crypto invoice should take 🕒 approximately 10 minutes.
Ready to create & share your first invoice? Let’s get started.

Creating your Request account

🕒 Estimated time: 1-2 minute(s)
Before making your first invoice with Request Finance, you have to set up your account. This is done so you can easily access all your invoices in one place using the dashboard, which will be covered later.
Registering an account can be done by following this link:
After successfully signing up, you will receive a verification mail to verify you have access to the email address you’ve registered your account with. After verifying your email, you will be able to create your first invoice.

Setting up your account for the first time.

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes
It’s time to set up your account. This is done once and the information you fill in here will be automatically used on your next issued invoices.
You can always amend the information you fill in during this step at a later stage, under the settings tab.

Creating a digital currency invoice in a few simple steps

🕒 Estimated time: 5 minutes
After setting up your account you will be taken to the dashboard of Request Finance, which will now show a clickable button to create an invoice. Click on this button to get started.
Before you continue: You will receive the payment of your invoice directly from your client – no middleman. Be sure to double-check and fill in this information correctly, especially the wallet address. We won’t be able to help recover your funds when sent to an address you don’t control.

Paying an invoice with Request

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes
When you are on the receiving end of a digital invoice issued through Request, you will be able to pay the invoice by following the video guide below.
Request Finance supports payment with the majority of mainstream cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask, Fortmatic and any wallet that supports WalletConnect, including multi-sig wallets such as Gnosis Safe.

Advanced actions: Export, Duplicate & More

Request Finance offers additional features for advanced users, such as exporting (a selection of) your invoices as .pdf & .csv files and re-using invoice templates by duplicating them.
Looking for other advanced features we're not yet supporting? Please let us know, so we can create them for you.

You're done!

You are now able to issue and pay crypto invoices using Request Finance for free.
We’d value to receive any kind of feedback or features you’re missing which would make your experience using the product better.
Happy invoicing!