What is Request?

Request is an all-in-one finance web application for companies, contractors, and DAOs to easily manage crypto and fiat invoices, bills, salaries, and expenses in a fast, non-custodial, and compliant way.

As a company, you can use Request to:

  • Safely pay and get paid in crypto and fiat.

  • Avoid costly double payments.

  • Keep a paper record of each transaction for audits.

  • Save time and gas fees with batch payments.

  • Use a single, powerful platform to manage all your finances, whether it's crypto or fiat.

As a freelancer, you can use Request to:

  • Send beautiful invoices to your clients.

  • Get paid in crypto and fiat.

  • Keep track of your invoices.

Who uses Request?

From contractors and small companies to corporates — Request is used by a range of leaders in the web3 industry. With four fixed plans, including a Free plan and a custom offer, we cater to each. You can find our plans here.

Is Request for you?

Start a free trial to find out. No commitment or credit card is required.

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